I need to suck and more

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I need to suck and more

The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. You will find that some of these phrases came from popular culture such as television and movies, while other sayings just seemed to spring forth from the generation on their own. We've included examples of how the words were used, so you can work them into your own retro vocabulary! Predation involves one organism the predator catching and killing another organism the prey for sustenance.

It may be easy to think of predators like bears, lions, or sharks, but can you think of other examples of predation in biology? Take a look at the ways predation keeps the circle of life going in various species. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Suck Suck sentence example suck. Deidre tried to suck in deep breaths. She'd never thought she'd find a reason to want some creature to suck her blood; if ever, now was the time. Only the females suck blood; the act is believed to be necessary for fertilization and reproduction.

All the jobs that can, in theory, be done by machines—the jobs that I think suck the life force out of people—will in fact be done by machines. They all suck cock, they all deny it. She stepped into his view, and he dropped his arms, throwing back his head to suck in deep breaths. As twenty years before, it seemed impossible that the little creature who lived somewhere under her heart would ever cry, suck her breast, and begin to speak, so now she could not believe that that little creature could be this strong, brave man, this model son and officer that, judging by this letter, he now was.

Take a deep breath, suck in the air. They feed entirely by suction, and the majority of the species pierce plant tissues and suck sap. The leaves of plants are for the most part the objects of attack, but many aphids and scale-insects pierce stems, and some go underground and feed on roots. Obey the psycho demon that wants to suck my blood. As the old saying goes " you can't teach granny to suck eggs ".

You might aswell suck on a bus exhaust pipe. These insects are often found in large s on plants whose juices they suck. In the East, even now, one who wishes to create a blood tie between himself and his followers and cement them to himself, makes under his left breast an incision from which they each in turn suck his blood. This handsome gentleman is going to suck your blood and you will enjoy his attention.

Oh, and I get to suck your blood. Go with it, or they suck your blood in the middle of a photo shoot and then plaster embarrassing pictures of you on the internet. So, talking of new and wonderous things, the thing I learned today is: self-service checkouts suck. The dredging ships use large suction pipes similar to vacuum cleaners to suck sand up from the banks. Few things get your balls boiling faster than watching a scantily-clad cutie slowly strip down to her skin, but strip clubs suck! There is also a danger of schools becoming like those big out-of-town hypermarkets which suck the life away from other shops ".

I need to suck and more

They are small wingless insects which live in the hair and suck blood from the scalp. Dry enough to suck the moisture out of our skins very efficiently.

I need to suck and more

Gently pressing down on the charcoal, suck in using the mouthpiece. How can we prioritize our caring so that the truly needy get what they need while those who would suck us dry do not. I had no idea that my baby would demand to suck on my sore nipples for two hours during each feed. And when I look back at my old sketchbooks, I realize I suck at it slightly less. It has been stated that when present in blossoms they feed on nectar, but it is more probable that there--as on the green parts - they suck sap.

In any case, their presence in apple blossoms has been known to prevent the formation of fruit through injury to the essential organs of the flower, and some species do considerable damage to ears of corn. Along with Kai and Bedwyr BediverePeredur PercevalGwalchmai Gawainand many others, we have such figures as Sgilti Yscandroed, whose way through the wood lay along the tops of the trees, and whose tread was so light that no blade of grass bent beneath his weight; Sol, who could stand all day upon one leg; Sugyn the son of Sugnedydd, who was "broad-chested" to such a degree that he could suck up the sea on which were three hundred ships and leave nothing but dry land; Gweyyl, the son of Gwestad, who when he was sad would let one of his lips drop beneath his waist and turn up the other like a cap over his head; and Uchtry Varyf Draws, who spread his red untrimmed beard over the eight-and-forty rafters of Arthur's hall.

The meeting spent much time telling the Grading team how to suck eggs. In plain words, suck up or ship out. These places suck the life out of you the second you set foot on the ground. Suckling lambs with orf lesions may be disinclined to suck and ewes with sore teats may not let their lambs feed. Feeding problems: a slow feeder with a weak sucking action, or a voracious feeder who constantly needed to suck. If you do continue to use a bottle, don't put your child to bed with it, and don't let him suck on it all day long. Babies need to suckand they may not get this need satisfied when bottle or breastfeeding.

Some babies refuse to latch onto the breast, especially if they are fed from a bottle which is easier to suck early on.

I need to suck and more

But those with additional features can suck power. Suck on the Zilopop for two minutes after eating offensive smelling food and your breath will be fresh again. You can also suck up the moisture with a carpet cleaner if you happen to have one handy. Hookworms will suck the blood of the host until it is anemic. Leaks around windows and doors suck heat and cold right on out. For example, some nutrients can cause water plants to explode in growth and suck away extra oxygen out of the water.

Motion Control: Sip some ginger infused tea to stop motion sickness, or suck on a piece of dried ginger during the ride. His usual ugly hairstyle actually looked pretty cute, his big puppy-dog eyes were like black holes, and I felt like they could suck me in. Don't do anything you don't want to do- this may suck for your girlfriend, but she's going to have to accept it. Whenever I'm silent, he would always strike a conversation. Here's another catch, he is so smart that sometimes I feel so dumb in front of him.

If they only want you to get the "best gifts" then they're just using you and they suck. Aphids often excrete a sweet, sticky substance as they suck sap from your plants. Aphids may be found feeding on your vegetables, shrubs, flowers and trees. Squash bugs are a serious problem in the Western Hemisphere and can be found from coast to coast in the U. They suck the vital juices from plants and can inject a toxin that causes otherwise healthy plants to wilt, discolor and die.

Don't suck in your stomach and hold your breath when measuring because the measurement will result in a corset that fits too snug or may not fit at all. An early title for the DS, this is the first action platform game where Kirby doesn't suck. Here you'll find old favorites like Alchemy and Collapse, as well as numerous others to suck up all of your free time while stimulating your brain muscles. Spiderman is much more agile, relying on his webshooters and spider senses, whereas Venom possesses a lot more strength along with the ability to leap over buildings and suck enemies in for health regeneration.

Many of these jobs involve capturing hordes of rabbits by finding vacuum vents to suck them into Be careful not to suck up the sediment on the bottom of the primary fermentor. The best way is to suck or blow the moisture or liquid out. Once the baby begins to suckthe mother makes sure that the entire dark area around the nipple areola is in the baby's mouth.

About half of all children suck their thumbs during infancy, with most starting in the first weeks of life. It is not known why some children suck their thumbs longer than others. More girls than boys suck their thumbs beyond age two. Some children suck their thumbs before they are even born, and others begin sucking their thumbs soon after birth. All or nearly all infants suck on their fingers, thumbs, or a pacifier.

Preschool children may begin to become embarrassed by their thumb sucking if the children with whom they interact do not suck their thumbs and make fun of them. Most children in this age group who still suck their thumbs will stop on their own, and intervening may stress the child and make the problem worse. Parents can also help the child find something else to do with his or her hands when the child has the urge to suck the thumb.

I need to suck and more

If the child continues to suck his or her thumb after age five or six, or sucks it frequently or very hard after age three or four, the doctor may have helpful suggestions for the concerned parent. Children who suck their thumbs or other fingers may also develop candidiasis around their fingernails, causing redness on the nail edges. Some hypotonic children also have trouble feeding and are unable to suck or chew for long periods.

The neonate will suck on the finger or nipple forcefully and rhythmically and the sucking is coordinated with swallowing. Ice should never be used on the wound site nor should attempts be made to suck out the venom. continues to thumb- suck or suck on a pacifier after all of the baby teeth have erupted.

I need to suck and more

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Breaking the Thumb-Sucking Habit