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Closure Notice: Starting Februarya section of the Wheeling Creek Trail will be closed for an estimated nine months. Trail users should consult with the trail manager for the latest updates before planning their trip. The route is flat and paved, and beautiful s along the way provide a self-guided tour of Wheeling's past. The trail provides an urban escape and an opportunity to soak up local history and modern industry in this historical city.

The route follows the eastern bank of the Ohio River, once the lifeblood of the city's manufacturing industry. Barges still go up and down the river, and with good timing and patience you can watch one progress through the series of locks. Take a break to rest on a bench and you will be rewarded with a splendid view of the river and wildlife. Along the way, you'll cross high above Wheeling Creek on the Hempfield Viaduct and pass through Hempfield Tunnel, built in This segment of the Wheeling Heritage Trails is less urban and meanders along a wooded corridor.

It is worth nothing that at the trail's northern terminus, you can pick up the nearly 7-mile Brooke Pioneer Trail and continue your journey all the way to Wellsburg for a more substantial ride. The parking lot is in front of the dam. The southern endpoint is located at the intersection of 48th Street and Water Street in downtown Wheeling. Despite the fact that the trail was paved, there were a lot of cracks and bumps in the pavement.

After about 15 minutes I wished I brought my mountain bike rather than my road bike. Once I got through the downtown Wheeling area and north, the pavement smoothed out. I got as far north as Warwood and had to turn around because the weather was beginning to get bad. If you plan on riding this trail, be aware that it is rather bumpy for a road bike with no suspension. The other trails in the region such as the Panhandle, Montour, or GAP have more of the scenery and character which we enjoy.

I should have been within just a couple miles of the northern most trailhead as I traveled out I did not ride the southern portion of the Ohio River Trail choosing to go back to the car when the Wheeling Creek Trail intersected. The Hempfield Tunnel and Viaduct are amazing. The tunnel was obviously for a mainline as it is wide enough for two sets of railroad tracks. Obviously a train has not passed through the tunnel in many years as a huge branch has grown over the eastern entrance to the tunnel well above cyclists.

The tunnel was built in and made to last as the interior and the facades are lined with brick. Unfortunately taggers have left their mark with graffiti but it could be worse.

Search for Wheeling West Virginia

The paved surface is in very good shape considering the winters that it suffers. There were some rough areas in the pavement, but very few and that beats gravel!. The trail is completely flat along the Ohio river and it goes from urban in Downtown Wheeling then back and forth between wilderness and industrial. No complaints over a lack of majestic scenery as the river is always nearby.

The Pike Island Lock Complex is intriguing. I rate it 9 gears based on a 10 speed cassette. The trail is ok but if your looking for a scenic trail along a river don't bother. We're from the Pittsburgh area and in my experience the trails here are far superior. The majority of the Pioneer Trail's paved surface is in great shape.

Wish I could say the same for this trail. This trail, starting from the Pike Island Locks, is in desperate need of repair. And, they come one right after the other. They're the worst right by the locks, but there's miles upon miles of them. They subside once you get close to Wheeling. But, that's the minority of the ride.

If the cracks were filled, I'd give this trail 5 stars. I found the scenery nice, and the trail itself is quite level. However, in it's current state, I don't think I'll be making a return visit. Went to Elm Grove to get a ride in with two of my Boy Scouts who are working towards their merit badges. Loved the ride! The road markings around WVNCC are somewhat faded and the return route by the Boury Loft project is blocked by construction equipment and debris.

Overall, the trail is in good shape. Several s were defaced and there are no mileage markers on the Elm Grove section, but it was a beautiful day with good company. Did When you go north of the heritage port in Wheeling, the cracks have been paved, and where there was a go around, is now done and you don't have to go around anything trying to figure out how to get back.

I wouldn't go past that point before it reopened would go to the Local grocery before turning around due to having extra wheels. Addition to hallsballs0 review: it gets MUCH better further along. You turned around just about the place it gets better. It's true there are cracks, but my view is there are only a few large cracks, and most are small ones.

Then about mile 11, it suddenly starts to be smooth. Perhaps a more recent paving. But it's smooth, and while it follows Highway 2 for a bit, there are long stretches where you feel like you're in the woods, because you are. Very quiet and peaceful. There's a rest area with an outhouse and a nice walking path to stretch my legs a hundred yards to the river. Seamless transition to the Brooke Pioneer trail, which is also beautiful and woodsy. I didn't finish the Brooke Pioneer trail because I had a time constraint.

But I wanted to let hallsballs0 know that the trail does lose the cracks, and is smooth the rest of the way. I absolutely loved riding this trail! Even though I grew up in Wheeling, I appreciated going through the various sections of Wheeling on my bike. I felt safe the entire trip and it was easy to bike though I am a beginner. If you're coming from the Pittsburgh area I don't think this trail is worth the drive.

I was headed to Wheeling anyway though, so I took my bike along. I only rode from the beginning of the trail to the ten mile marker and back, but I can't imagine that the rest of the trail would have been much better. Most of this trail is pretty urban running past factories, run down and abandoned homes and along side of a very busy road. And although it runs along side the river the actual view of the river is obstructed by thick trees for a lot of the ride. Around the mile mark there is a that says, trail detour ahead, but when you get "ahead" it doesn't tell you where to go.

I followed another rider up the sidewalk of an elementary school, through their parking lot and then onto the road for approx three blocks before cutting back over to the trail. I rode with the rider I had followed through the detour for a few miles and she said the detour has been like that for years now. As far as the trail surface goes, it is technically paved, but it has LARGE cracks across the entire trail approx every 15 feet.

So the entire ride is thump-thump, thump-thump from riding over the cracks. It is not suitable for rollerblading whatsoever. I started in Elm Grove and rode to the river then headed south. I enjoyed the scenery and the history s along the way. More wildlife than I expected to see, chipmunks, squirrels, a couple ground hogs, 2 blue herons and a hawk.

There were a few tree branches down partially blocking the trail but otherwise clear. Some cracks Search for Wheeling West Virginia the asphalt made for some bumpy spots but my mountain bike handled them just fine; they would have been jarring on my Search for Wheeling West Virginia Cannondale. I plan to ride again soon and head north to see that end of the trail. No easily accessible bathrooms along the route I took. No food establishments open Sunday 10am along the route I took and I did ride around the city a bit at the end of the Elm Grove trail portion. This is a scenic trail along the river The asphalt surface needs the large cracks sealed with tar or repaved.

It is difficult to ride this trail when every twenty or so feet you're trying to avoid the large cracks. In a short time this is going to be a real danger. Sorry, I don't have the exact milepost but its close to the eagle observation s.

Search for Wheeling West Virginia

And, under the I bridge closer to the town of Wheeling there is a large pothole that if left alone will eventually swallow the front tire of an unsuspecting rider. If you're already aware of these problems then I'm sorry for beating a dead horse. But I probably won't be back because there are tons of other trails to ride. Thanks for listening This trail was disappointing. We traveled from the eastern Pennsylvania for a "riding weekend" and anticipated a nice trail with river views. Right below the dam and locks the surface has 3-inch-wide cracks.

That might not be a problem for all terrain bikes, but for roller-blades, skateboards, scooters or Trikkes, it meant I spent more time looking at the asphalt, than at the scenery.

Search for Wheeling West Virginia

The scenery was disappointing as well. Running right next to the river, I expected it to be nicer. It occurs to me that if the local businesses and civic groups would all "adopt a mile" for beautification the trail could be far more pleasant.

At some points we were riding right next to the highway.

Search for Wheeling West Virginia

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